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Kategoria: SharePoint
Seria: Inne

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2019

Lewin Wanzer, Angel Wood
Data wydania: 2020-12-30
stron: 636, miĂŞkka oprawa, format:

więcej na stronie helion.pl

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2019 eBook -- spis treści

  • Implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2019
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  • Contributors
  • About the authors
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  • Preface
    • Who this book is for
    • What this book covers
    • To get the most out of this book
    • Download the example code files
    • Download the color images
    • Conventions used
    • Get in touch
    • Reviews
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Your Current State
    • Technical requirements
    • Warning deprecated features
      • Deprecated features
      • List of removed features
    • New features
      • Service application enhancements
      • Additional documentation links for central administration
      • Communication sites
      • Fast Site Creation
      • Increased storage file size in SharePoint document libraries
      • Modern lists and libraries
      • Modern sharing experiences
      • Modern search experiences
      • Modern team sites
      • Sharing using modern internet information APIs
      • SharePoint home page
      • Creating sites from the home page
      • Site creation support for AAM zones
      • SMTP authentication when sending emails
      • Use of # and % in file and folder names
      • Syncing files with the OneDrive sync client (NGSC)
      • PowerShell enhancements
      • New health analyzer rules
    • Improved features
    • Server support updates
    • Assessing the environment
      • Other collaborative tools
    • Best practices
      • Windows Server and VMs
      • SQL Server
      • SharePoint Server
    • Governance
      • Stakeholders
      • Why governance is important
      • Determining an approach
      • Creating a governance plan
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 2: Planning and Architecture
    • Technical requirements
    • Planning overview
      • Goals and objectives
    • Planning how to find the best architecture based on requirements
      • Exercise 1
    • Planning cost of your environment
      • Virtualization
      • Cloud and Services
      • SharePoint licensing
      • Battling contingency
    • Planning resources
      • Assessment review
      • Prioritizing requirements
    • Planning SharePoint farm design
      • Physical server assessment
      • Design documenting the design
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 3: Creating and Managing Virtual Machines
    • Technical requirements
    • Creating hosts and VMs
      • Server feature comparisons
    • Defining needed server roles
    • Installing Windows Server 2019 host configuration
      • Configuring the network and server names
      • Configuring network and internet access
      • Adding the server to the domain
    • Configuring Hyper-V Manager on Windows Server 2019
      • Hyper-V advanced post-installation options
    • Creating VMs
      • Creating our first VM
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 4: Installation Concepts
    • Technical requirements
    • Installation updates
      • List of configuration details
    • Configuring SQL Server 2017
      • SQL outbound port configuration
      • SQL inbound port configuration
    • Configuring SharePoint 2019 prerequisites
      • SharePoint outbound port configuration
      • SharePoint Server inbound port configuration
      • Disabling loopback check
      • Microsoft SharePoint preparation toolkit
      • Scripted preparation tool installation
    • SharePoint 2019 installation
      • Configuration of SQL and SharePoint
      • Running the configuration script
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 5: Farm and Services Configuration
    • Technical requirements
    • Configuring SQL Server services
      • SQL properties
    • Configuring SharePoint Services
      • Setting server logging locations
      • Creating the state service
      • Creating SharePoint logging services
    • Antivirus and security configurations
      • Antivirus settings
      • Web Part Security
      • Block File Types
    • Creating service applications
      • Registering service accounts
    • SharePoint MinRole resources
    • Understanding the Distributed Cache service
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 6: Finalizing the Farm Going Live
    • Technical requirements
    • Finalizing loose ends
      • Search and the User Profile service
      • Configuring your connection to Active Directory
      • Creating web applications and associations
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 7: Finalizing the Farm to Go Live Part II
    • Technical requirements
    • Understanding workflows and Workflow Manager
      • Installing Workflow Manager
    • Authentication
      • Claims authentication
      • Windows authentication
      • SAML authentication
    • Understanding load balancing
      • Load balancing with hardware
      • Load balancing with software
    • Exploring SharePoint migration
      • Know your customers
      • Migration choosing your weapon of choice
      • Types of migration
      • Migration tools
      • Scheduling migrations
    • Exploring farm solutions
      • Developed custom solutions
    • Carrying out testing
      • Stress and performance testing the environment
      • User testing
    • Performing the final checks
      • Server resources and configuration
    • Backup and restore
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 8: Post-Implementation Operations and Maintenance
    • Technical requirements
    • Post-implementation
      • DNS cutover and on-premise migrations
      • First-day blues
      • Understanding team dynamics
      • Incident management concepts
      • Exploring troubleshooting tools
    • Maintaining the environments
      • Why is a development environment important?
      • Why do you need a test environment?
      • Production why you should be cautious
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 9: Managing Performance and Troubleshooting
    • Technical requirements
    • Performance overview
      • The clients role in terms of performance
      • The developer's role in terms of performance
      • Farm administrator tips
      • Farm administrative monitoring
      • Monitoring in Central Administration
      • Monitoring as a Site Collection Admin
    • SQL Server performance
    • Troubleshooting
      • Scenarios and fixes
    • Summary
    • Questions
  • Chapter 10: SharePoint Advanced Reporting and Features
    • Technical requirements
    • Advanced reporting and features
      • Deprecated features
    • Azure Active Directory
      • SQL Reporting Services
    • Hybrid configurations
      • SharePoint hybrid gateways
      • On-premises data gateways
    • Power BI
      • Power BI admin
      • Power BI Desktop
      • Best practices for Power BI
    • Power Apps
    • Power Automate
      • Connecting Power Automate to SharePoint Online
      • Connecting to a SharePoint On-Premises environment
      • Power Automate Desktop
    • Office Online Server
      • Configuring Office Online Server in SharePoint 2019
    • Excel Online
    • Azure reporting capabilities
    • Azure Analysis Services
    • Azure Logic Apps
    • Summary
    • Questions
    • Further reading
  • Chapter 11: Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration
    • Technical requirements
    • Social features in SharePoint 2019
      • Microsoft's direction in enterprise social networking
    • Microsoft Teams overview
      • Microsoft Teams in the age of the pandemic
      • SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
      • Tasked to suddenly roll out teams now what?
      • Deployment
      • Network considerations
      • Communication
      • Using Microsoft Teams
      • Best practices for organizing Teams
      • Limits and restriction considerations
      • Configuring an auditorium solution with Microsoft Teams
      • Creating a live event
    • Summary
    • Questions
    • Further reading
  • Chapter 12: SharePoint Framework
    • Technical requirements
    • Developer essentials
      • Helpful tools
      • Code and tools summary
      • Developer experience and teamwork
      • Documentation
      • Jobs and certifications
    • Setting up a development environment
      • Modern or classic?
    • SPFx overview
      • What is SPFx?
      • Setting up a development environment to create SharePoint framework solutions
      • Visual Studio setup
    • Develop a Client side WebPart
    • Developer best practices
      • Requirement gathering
      • Preproduction environments
      • Testers
      • Capacity planning
      • List limits
      • Timeout issue
      • Enterprise security
    • Summary
    • Questions
    • Further reading
  • Other Books You May Enjoy
    • Leave a review - let other readers know what you think

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