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Poznaj sekrety Google AdSense
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Visual Studio .NET 2005

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Sekrety języka C#
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Java - Programowanie


Android 9 Development Cookbook

Rick Boyer
cena: 129.00 zł

Build feature-rich, reliable Android Pie apps with the help of more than 100 proven industry standard recipes and strategies. Key FeaturesUncover the latest features in Android 9 Pie to make your applications stand outDevelop Android Pie applications with the latest mobile technologies, from set up to securityGet up-to-speed with Android Studio 3 and its impressive new featuresBook Description The Android OS has the largest installation base of any operating system in the world.


Android Programming for Beginners

John Horton
cena: 139.00 zł

Learn all the Java and Android skills you need to start making powerful mobile applications with practical and actionable steps Key FeaturesKick-start your Android programming career, or just have fun publishing apps to the Google Play marketplaceA first-principles introduction to Java, via Android, which means you'll be able to start building your own applications from scratchLearn by example and build four real-world apps and dozens of mini-apps throughout the bookBook Description Are you try.


Android Wear Projects

Ashok Kumar S
cena: 159.00 zł

A fun way to create interesting and cool apps for your Wearable device using Android programming. About This BookCreate real-time Android Wear apps from scratch and become a pro Android Wear DeveloperLearn to create apps specially dedicated to the Android Wear platformDesign custom Wear UIs and create interactive Watch facesWho This Book Is For The book is for Android developers with a good understanding of programming and developing applications on Android, but they need not have any experienc.


Android. Aplikacje wielowątkowe. Techniki przetwarzania

Anders GĂśransson
promocja -19%
cena: 48.395061728395 zł 39.20 zł



Apache Kafka 1.0 Cookbook

Raul Estrada
cena: 119.00 zł

Simplify real-time data processing by leveraging the power of Apache Kafka 1.0 About This BookUse Kafka 1.0 features such as Confluent platforms and Kafka streams to build efficient streaming data applications to handle and process your dataIntegrate Kafka with other Big Data tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and moreHands-on recipes to help you design, operate, maintain, and secure your Apache Kafka cluster with easeWho This Book Is For This book is for developers and Kafka administra.


Apache Kafka Quick Start Guide

Raul Estrada
cena: 89.90 zł

Process large volumes of data in real-time while building high performance and robust data stream processing pipeline using the latest Apache Kafka 2.0 Key FeaturesSolve practical large data and processing challenges with KafkaTackle data processing challenges like late events, windowing, and watermarkingUnderstand real-time streaming applications processing using Schema registry, Kafka connect, Kafka streams, and KSQLBook Description Apache Kafka is a great open source platform for handling yo.


AspectJ Cookbook

Russ Miles
promocja -14%
cena: 157.1511627907 zł 135.15 zł

When Object Oriented programming (OO) first appeared, it was a revelation. OO gave developers the ability to create software that was more flexible and robust, but as time went on and applications became more sophisticated, too, certain areas of "traditional" OO architectures were found wanting.


Beyond Java

Bruce Tate
promocja -14%
cena: 78.976744186047 zł 67.92 zł

Bruce Tate, author of the Jolt Award-winning Better, Faster, Lighter Java has an intriguing notion about the future of Java, and it's causing some agitation among Java developers. Bruce believes Java is abandoning its base, and conditions are ripe for an alternative to emerge.


Big Data Analytics with Java

Rajat Mehta
cena: 169.00 zł

Learn the basics of analytics on big data using Java, machine learning and other big data tools About This BookAcquire real-world set of tools for building enterprise level data science applicationsSurpasses the barrier of other languages in data science and learn create useful object-oriented codesExtensive use of Java compliant big data tools like apache spark, Hadoop, etc.


Building and Testing with Gradle. Understanding Next-Generation Builds

Tim Berglund, Matthew McCullough
promocja -14%
cena: 69.093023255814 zł 59.42 zł

Build and test software written in Java and many other languages with Gradle, the open source project automation tool that's getting a lot of attention. This concise introduction provides numerous code examples to help you explore Gradle, both as a build tool and as a complete solution for automating the compilation, test, and release process of simple and enterprise-level applications.


Building Android UIs with Custom Views

Raimon Rafols Montane
cena: 159.00 zł

Create engaging user experiences and awesome user interfaces using this guide About This BookMove beyond default UI templates, create and customize amazing UIs with Android Custom ViewEnable smooth data flow and create futuristic UIs by creating flexible custom viewsScale your apps with responsive and data intensive viewsWho This Book Is For This book is for Android developers who want to create great user interfaces and move beyond the basics of the standard UI elements.


Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2

James J. Ye
cena: 139.00 zł

Become efficient in both frontend and backend web development with Spring and Vue Key FeaturesConnect application's frontend and backend with Vue, Vuex, and Spring BootLeverage the latest web standards to enhance code performance, readability, and cross-compatibilityBuild secure full-stack web applications with Spring SecurityBook Description Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue.

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